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Welcome to Grace Gymnastics Dubai, the premier destination for Rhythmic Gymnastics excellence in the UAE. Founded with a resolute mission to nurture and develop the finest female gymnasts, we are dedicated to unleashing the true potential of every aspiring athlete……


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Classes of All Levels

Prices start @ 38 AED/Hr!


Beginner Level 

For girls in two different age groups (3.5-7) and (8- 14), seeking to learn basic gymnastic elements and enhance their physical performance. Ideal for beginners or those with limited experience.



Intermediate Level

For girls aged 6 and above, having mastered basic elements, aiming to explore apparatus skills, compete, and focus on physical training and freehand routines.



Competition level

For girls aged 7+ with competition experience, striving for exceptional gymnastic achievements. Emphasis on complex elements like pirouettes, balance, jumps, and skillful handling of apparatus. participation in international competitions and sports camps is encouraged.


Happy Students

Based on 30 reviews
Best Academy in Dubai Most sincere and amazing coaches My little girl has highly advanced within less than a year with them We have been joining other academies in which was just a waste of time and effort. Grace Gymnastics are by far the best. Keep up the great work. Thank you so much
Yaseen Al Shaltouni
Yaseen Al Shaltouni
كثير مبسوط من تحسن بنتي بالجيمناستكس بهالفترة القصيرة 😍 بالبداية قلنا بنجرب كلاس و من بعديها بنتي اتعلقت بالمدربة إرينا والمدربة مروة وصارت حتى بالبيت بتفتح فيديوهات اليوتيوب وما مخلية حد يستخدم التلفزيون غيرها عشان تتدرب 😂 شكرا كثير الكم
Walid Mohamed
Walid Mohamed
Expert coaches and highly recommended!
Dobyang and Drey
Dobyang and Drey
I love that my daughter has learned a lot and enjoys going to her gymnastics classes. Thanks to the great teachers who continues to give her the guidance in honing her skills. Kudos to Grace Gymnastics.
rami khalil
rami khalil
Great place for the kids to develop a stong healthy physique, make new friends, learn about their body, and boost their confidence. It's a safe and fun environment with personalised care from the talented coaches.

Head Coach


Iryna Horodyska

Masters of Sports in 

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Gymnastics Classes for Girls in Dubai

Grace Gymnastics for UAE’s Young Stars – Unleashing Potential, Nurturing Dreams

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Are you in search of the perfect platform to nurture your child’s talent in gymnastics? Look no further than Grace Gymnastics, the premier gymnastics academy in Dubai. We take immense pride in being one of the top sports academies in the UAE, offering a plethora of activities and gymnastic classes tailored to cater to kids of all ages and abilities.
Discover the Magic of Gymnastics: Unlocking Boundless Opportunities

At Grace Gymnastics, we believe that every child deserves a chance to shine. Our gymnastics classes for beginners Dubai are thoughtfully designed to help young athletes develop a strong foundation in the sport. Whether your child dreams of becoming a professional gymnast or simply want to stay active and healthy, our expert coaches ensure that they receive the best guidance and support.

Empowering Girls Through Gymnastics: Promoting Excellence in Girls Activities in UAE

We take great pride in promoting gymnastics for girls in Dubai, fostering a safe and inclusive environment where young girls can thrive and flourish. Our gymnastics classes for girls in Dubai encourage teamwork, self-confidence, and empowerment, enabling them to take on challenges and overcome them with grace.

A Summer of Fun and Growth: Exciting Summer Gymnastics Activities in Dubai

While the summer sun beams upon us, it is the perfect time for your child to join our summer camp in Dubai. Our engaging summer gymnastics activities are designed to keep kids active, happy, and continually learning during the vacation period.

At Grace Gymnastics, we provide a nurturing and supportive environment where children can build character, learn discipline, and grow both as athletes and individuals. With our top-notch facilities and personalized attention, we stand out as the top gymnastics school in Dubai.

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