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Difference Between Rhythmic Gymnastics and Artistic Gymnastics.

The most significant difference between rhythmic and artistic gymnastics is the availability of different equipment.

Who can participate?

Both men and women can take part in artistic gymnastics.

Until now, rhythmic gymnastics remains the only sport exclusively for women, although in some countries there are competitions for men, but so far the Olympic Committee has not added men to the rhythmic gymnastics program.


Rhythmic gymnastics use the hand apparatus :

  • Rope.
  • hoop.
  • ball.
  • clubs.
  • ribbon.

And all performances are held on a carpet 14*14 meters.

In artistic gymnastics:

For male gymnasts

1) floor exercise
2) Pommel horse
3) Still rings
4) Vault
5) Parallel bars
6) Horizontal bar

For female gymnasts

1) Vault
2) Uneven bars
3) Balance beam
4) floor exercise

Time limit and Music

The performance in the rhythmic individual program lasts exactly 90 seconds, in artistic gymnastics for women from 70 to 90 seconds for the floor routine and from 50 to 70 seconds for the men’s floor routine.

Individual and Groups In rhythmic gymnastics there are individual and group performances for 5 athletes, in artistic gymnastics only individual performances.

All performances in rhythmic gymnastics are performed with music, in artistic gymnastics only in the female floor routine program.

Uniform for competition

In rhythmic gymnastics, the gymnast and the coach choose the most suitable leotard for the routine , it can be a leotard without and with a skirt or a jumpsuit.

In artistic gymnastics, uniforms are standardized and girls can only wear a leotard without a skirt for their performances.

But last year, Sarah Voss, a gymnast from Germany, wore a jumpsuit for the first time in competition, perhaps this example will eventually spread in the world of artistic gymnastics.

In General

In artistic gymnastics, strength and acrobatics are more important, in rhythmic gymnastics, flexibility and mastery of the apparatus. In our rhythmic gymnastics school we only accept girls and have only female coaches.

each type of gymnastics is unique and beautiful, the choice is only yours