Frequently Asked Questions


What is Rhythmic Gymnastics?

 Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport that is part of the Olympic sports. There are two types of performances included in it, individual and group. for an individual performance, the gymnast shows a certain set of elements and dance sequences with or without one of the 5 apparatus, the performance lasts 90 seconds. Rhythmic gymnastics is not only about agility, strength and endurance. Its also develops thanks to its connection with music and choreography inherited from ballet,  a sense of rhythm and musicality for young athletes. In addition to that, it develops in them fine coordination and expressiveness of movements, and contributes to the aesthetic education of gymnasts.

What are the benefits of Rhythmic Gymnastics for kids?

Regular Rhythmic gymnastics practice helps in forming individual’s posture. It also trains the athlete in improving the coordination of their body’s movements. Moreover, it helps them improve their balance and musical rhythm if movement. In this sport, plasticity, grace, culture of movements, technique, expressiveness, and a sense of rhythm are important aspects to be learned and mastered.

At what age can my child start Rhythmic Gymnastics?

We believe at Grace Gymnastics Dubai that the best age to start doing Rhythmic Gymnastics is 4-6 years old, at this age children are very flexible and have the ability to learn new skills easily. Rhythmic Gymnastics can be started at a later age too and there are many examples when athletes who started later in age have achieved the highest results.


How do I pay my child's term fees?

For each term, payment is done before the start of classes for the whole term. We accept cash, bank transfer and card payments.

Are fees refundable in case of withdrawal?

Fees are Partially refundable in some cases. please contact us on email or phone to be able to come to agreement.


What is the location of Grace Gymnastics?

We  have two locations in Dubai: first is in GEMS WIS in Al Sufouh, second in Jebel Ali School in Damac Hills.


Do you offer free Rhythmic Gymnastics Trail Classes for Children?

Yes, you always can book it on our website or by calling us directly.

What does my child needs to wear to Rhythmic Gymnastics Class?

Kids need to wear one of the unified summer or winter uniforms to classes. They also  need to wear white socks and a Rhythmic Gymnastics half shoes. contact your coach in Grace Gymnastics Dubai to provide further details. 

How long does a term last?

12-14 weeks.

* Term 1 ( 14 weeks) September – December,
* Term 2 (12 weeks) January –  March
* Term 3 (12 weeks)  April – July

What equipment do I need to provide for my child?

.Every gymnast has to have:

-Grace Gymnastics uniform.
-Gymnastics half shoes.
-gymnastics rope
– gymnastics mat ( not yoga one!).
– knee pads.
– expander tape for gymnastics.
– 2 yoga blocks.

and at a later stage they need the 4 remaining apparatus of Rhythmic Gymnastics.(Hoop, Ball, Clubs and Ribbon)



What Qualification do the coaches have?

All coaches at Grace Gymnastics Dubai have been athletes holding the title of Masters of sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics for more than 10 years, and have also achieved the highest sports ranks in their countries and internationally. Moreover, its is important for us to have the higher pedological education among our coaches, as well as many years of experience in teaching Rhythmic Gymnastics to children.


Is Rhythmic Gymnastics safe for my kids?

Like any other sport, Rhythmic Gymnastics has its own risks. for example, trauma. injuries are possible with any physical activity, but thanks to the competent work of coaches and the organization of space, the possibility of getting injured in the gym is significantly reduced.
it is very important for parents to correctly assess the physical condition of their child and not send them to training if they are not healthy, because with illness and severe fatigue, the concentration of attention drops and then there is the possibility of injury due to negligence.

there are also diseases in which rhythmic gymnastics cannot be practiced. namely, if your child has diabetes;
visual impairment;
heart disease;
musculoskeletal problems.
before starting any sports activity, we strongly recommend that you check your child with a doctor and get their approval for sports.